Towards Advanced Level Of Science


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Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
Our prestigious institution, Chennai Institute of Technology was founded in 2010 with the motto of "Transforming Lives". The fundamental goal is to provide technical education of quality along with industrial exposure for the youth through innovative teaching and learning methods that include exposure to Centers of Excellence, Guest Lectures by experts from various top industries and Industry oriented training programs.
TALOS - Towards Advance Level of Science is a symposium of annual occurrence conducted by the department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to showcase the importance of their domain. A wave of fun and technical skill test will be conducted throughout the day.
In our department we study today's ground breaking technology being used in high level automation, error handling, prediction, data analytics & several other decision making process on a daily basis. We as a team hold hands to put the intelligence in artificial intelligence.
Unveiling Digital Marvels


Hack-Xplode is a 30-day hackathon event organized by the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science at Chennai Institute of Technology. The primary objective of Hack-Xplode is to foster the development of solutions that address critical issues, both locally and globally.Which will be conducted in a Hybrid mode to gather developers who are enthusiastic about innovation and creativity.

Exclusive Event

Anonymous Voices

This is a groundbreaking event taking place on September 26th and 27th, 2023. It begins with registered participants submitting a 5-minute video on topics of their choice. Shortlisted candidates gather will at the event venue to deliver a powerful speech. The most outstanding individuals, totalling 15, may advance to a final round aligned with TEDx criteria.

Technical Events


Designo-lito is a technical event where the participans must create their prototype using figma software based on the theme which is given to them.The event will have a time duration of one hour and thirty minutes.The judges will evaluate each prototype and the winner will be decided based on the evaluation.

Papers speak, ideas shine


Join us for an engaging paper presentation event where experts share cutting-edge research and insights. Explore diverse topics, engage in lively discussions, and expand your knowledge. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with thought leaders and stay at the forefront of innovation.

Ready, Steady, Code

Blind Coding

Join forces and demonstrate your determination with deadly snippets of code. A fresh and entertaining approach to code and conquer in this multiplayer minigame competition. Create, improvise, and defend with code as you come up with strategies to undermine theirs. Do you possess the necessary skills to outwit the opponents? Take your seats and spam the keys!

Fun Technical Events
Hunt For The Digital Gold

Cognitive Clues

Are you up for an electrifying tech adventure? Cognitive Clues is your chance to put your problem-solving skills to the test in a digital treasure hunt. Solve puzzles, unlock secrets, and follow the trail of coordinates to your next destination.Race against the clock to piece together the puzzle. Get ready to decode the future!

Master the Tech Realm, Rule the Board

Cyber Conquest

Embark on an electrifying journey with Cyber Conquest, a thrilling twist on the classic monopoly game. In tech zones, showcase your knowledge by playing quizzes, while in non-tech areas, escape the ordinary with engaging games. The key to victory lies in accumulating the most wealth and mastering the quiz rounds, making Cyber Conquest the ultimate test of strategy and wit. Are you ready to conquer this digital realm?

Non-Technical Events
Can't hear the music? Turn up the Music!!!

Tune Surfing

Tune Surfing is a team-based song-guessing game where participants interpret body language to identify a song. The winning team receives 10 points for accurate response, showcasing their musical prowess.



Enter the world where combat is relentless, passion is boundless, and excitement knows no limits - 'BGMI’. Outwit, outmanoeuvre, and outlast your foes to claim the coveted title of the ultimate warrior. Do you have what it takes? Dare to join the battle to find out! "The battleground awaits, and the glory is yours for the taking!"

Online Events


A journey through the lens, where every click tells a story. Step into a world of timeless elegance and capture the essence of life in shades of black and white. This is your moment to seize - grab a camera, snap the magic, and immortalize the enchantment! Prepare to amaze and to be amazed by the shades of gray, “Shades of brilliance”.



Dive into the digital battlegrounds where strategy dances with chaos - “VALORANT”. Assemble your squad to mix in a battle of unique abilities, exceptional agents, tactical diffusions and flawless site takeovers in a relentless quest for the ultimate victory. Will your squad rise to the challenge and dominate the Valorant arena? Remember: “Strategy is your secret weapon”.

Endless possibilities: one pixel at a time

Computer Vision Workshop

Unlock the world of Computer Vision with our immersive workshop! Dive into essential concepts, witness live project demos, and enjoy engaging sessions. Join us for an exciting journey into the future of visual intelligence and don't miss your chance to seize a lot of projects from us with source code !!!

Get Inside the Minds of Language Models like ChatGPT with Us!

GPT Workshop

Join us for an immersive journey into the world of large language models and learn how to harness their power. In this hands-on workshop, you will explore what language models are, and how ChatGPT works, and gain the skills to build and deploy your own ChatGPT instance on your device.


Data Science Workshop

Cultivate your open source development skills to contribute your AI and data science skills to the open source community in our dynamic workshop. Dive into the world of data analysis, visualization, and AI modeling using the power of open-source tools. Join us in this hands-on experience, where open source isn't just a tool – it's a pathway to mastering AI and data science

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